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Information about the two class projects will be added as they are announced (if not sooner).

Project 1

Due: Monday, 18th April.

Update: A solution to Project 1 is now in this directory: Copy the files to your own directory and edit the .java file to use your own amazon subscription ID before you compile it. This example does not include the proxy authentication (so you will need to add it if you are going to run the code on a CSSE machine).

As discussed in class, there were many different ways to do this project, and no one solution. For example, this solution detects errors using an XPath query, and generates output error html from the java code if there is an error. It is equally possible to write xslt rules which detect the error and generate error html via a transformation. There were also many different correct ways to write the xslt rules.

The Project 1 marks are listed here. This link works only from inside the university.

A signup sheet has been posted outside ICT 4.21 for Project 1 demos. There are blocks of time on Friday 22/04, Tuesday 26/04, and Thursday 28/04.

Here is the description of Project 1 (PDF).
Here is an example code fragment showing how to use the Java Xalan libraries to do XSLT transformations and XPath queries. (Xalan is part of the Apache project).

See the links page for a link to the Xalan API docs.
Generic Xalan2 sample code is at: /home/subjects/621/local/2005/xalan2/samples.


Project 2

Due: 25th May, 2005 by 9am on Thursday 26th May, 2005.

Update: submission procedure:
To submit project 2, do:
 submit 621 2
submitting all the necessary files together at the prompt. You should then do a verify 621 2 to check that the submission is ok. You only need to do a submission under the login of one group member. However, as described below, your submitted files should include a README that lists all the members of your group. Submit the following files:

If you have any questions about the submission process or what should be included, ask one of us first. With the Project 1 submissions, we had a lot of problems with incomplete submissions and missing files. Please be sure to verify that you submitted everything you intended to.

Information about Project 2 will be provided in three stages.

Here is the specification of Part 1. The cache is here.

Here is the specification of Part 2 of Project 2.

Here is the specification of Part 3 of Project 2.
Here is an example that goes through the Part 3 steps in more detail.
Here is some sample code, useful for the Part 3 program, that shows how you can construct http requests to get pages containing the most recent 500 'bookmarkings' for each tag in a given array of tags (keywords). For your development and testing, please keep the time between http requests to 10 seconds, as in this code sample.

Please 'nice' any computation-intensive programs you are running.