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Subject Description

The theme of the course is "Querying and representing data on the Web". See the syllabus page for a description of the topics that will be covered.


There is no set textbook for the subject.


General Information

The Generic Skills Statement for the class.

The full timetable for the subject.

The subject newsgroup is cs.621.

Guidelines for the use of labs are here .

A collection of generic resources for students.


Recent Announcements

The most recent announcements will always be posted here. See the announcements page for the complete list. Remember also to revisit the syllabus page, as readings for upcoming lectures will be added throughout the course.

The project 2 marks are listed here. This link works only from inside the university.

Mini-extension of project 2 due date: you now have until 9am the morning of Thursday 26th May to submit your project.
Also: please remember to check the cs.621 newsgroup regularly, as clarifications/answers to questions are being posted there.

And now for something a bit different... If any of you are interested in getting a Google gmail account, email Amy for an 'invitation'. See the class newsgroup for more info.

The Project 1 marks are listed here. This link works only from inside the university.

The project page now has info about submitting Project 2.

Reminder: if there is any topic you would particularly like to see discussed during the review session next week, email us (or post on the newsgroup) before the day of class.

The exam study guide handed out in class is here.
As discussed in class, readings for the Week 11 lecture are now posted on the class website, as is supplemental reading on the Chord algorithm.
Here is the link mentioned for the online version of the Shirky talk.

See the projects page for a Project 1 example solution.

Please remember to check the cs.621 newsgroup regularly. There are a number of recent posts to it that provide some information about doing Project 2.

Information about Part 3 of Project 2 has now been posted on the project page. There will be an example added to the project page soon as well.

It's possible to set up group directories for each Project 2 team. That is, we can define a new unix 'group' for each project group, and you will have access to a directory owned by that unix group. This will allow you to work in a shared space that you can protect from others outside the group.

To set this up, we need to know who is in each group. Please email Amy the names and account logins for your group.




Last Year's QoT Outcomes

Last year's QoT outcomes will be made available soon.



The Lecturers for the subject are Dr. James Bailey and Dr. Amy Unruh.