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Reading material

  • Constructing Quantified Invariants via Predicate Abstraction by S. K. Lahiri and R. E. Bryant. (VMCAI'04)
  • A Symbolic Approach to Predicate Abstraction by Shuvendu K. Lahiri, Randal E. Bryant, and Byron Cook. (CAV'03)
  • Model Checking as Constraint Solving by Andreas Podelski. (SAS'00)
  • Automatic Software Model Checking using CLP by Cormac Flanagan. (ESOP'03)
  • A Framework for Combining Analysis and Verification by N. Heintze, J. Jaffar and R. Voicu. (POPL'00)
  • Types for Safe Locking by Cormac Flanagan, Martin Abadi. (ESOP'99)

    Past Meetings

    Martin Sulzmann
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