SingHaskell 2007


Slides of talks in pdf are on-line (see below)

What is SingHaskell?

Sing(apore)Haskell is a Haskell (and related languages) meeting in Singapore. The meeting is organized by Tom Schrijvers ( ) and Martin Sulzmann ( ) and will be hosted by the National University of Singapore.

Date and location

Sing(apore)Haskell takes place on Wed 28 Nov 2007 (right before APLAS'07 The meeting will be held on the National University of Singapore campus at COM1-02-VC (2nd floor video conference room, School of Computing). Further location details:
The meeting starts at 9:30am and should end around 2pmish (with a lunch-break,on your own, in between) Let Tom or Martin know if you are interested in coming. Either to attend the meeting or even give a talk.



Dana Xu (Cambridge University)
Kenny Lu (NUS)
Edmund Lam (NUS)
Frank Huch (Uni Kiel)
Bernd Brassel (Uni Kiel)
Razvan Voicu (NUS)
Florin Craciun (NUS)
Alexander Arul (Singapore Ruby Brigade)
Ludovic Coquelle
Martin Sulzmann (NUS)
Tom Schrijvers (KULeuven)
Peter Van Weert (KULeuven)
Nick Palevsky
Kim-Ee Yeoh (University of Wisconsin)
Martin Sulzmann
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