Computing Fundamentals A
Semester 1, 2002

The 2002 Semester 1 Mid-Term Test

Last updated: May 9, 2002

Special Consideration in 2002

If you missed the mid-semester test for medical or personal reasons, you should by now have made contact with Alistair by email (to alistair@cs.mu.oz.au) or in person (to Room L2.15 of the SEECS Building). If you have already done this, and have not had email back confirming some arrangement or another for dealing with your missing mark, you should try again.

Overall Statistics in 2002

The overall performance of the class in the 141 Semester One Mid-Term Test in 2002 (marked out of 15) is summarised in this histogram:

          0 |3
    0.5-- 1 |3
    1.5-- 2 |32
    2.5-- 3 |32
    3.5-- 4 |31
    4.5-- 5 |332
    5.5-- 6 |333332
    6.5-- 7 |3333332
    7.5-- 8 |33333333333331
    8.5-- 9 |3333333333333332
    9.5--10 |3333333333333333333333332
   10.5--11 |33333333333333333333333333333
   11.5--12 |3333333333333333333333331
   12.5--13 |333333333333333333333333332
   13.5--14 |3333333333333333333332
   14.5--15 |3333333333333333333

588 values; min=0.0; max=15.0; mean=10.8; median=11.0; sd=3.0
Marks of less than 8/15 indicate students who are ``at risk''.


The full list of marks is here. If you sat the test and your mark is not here you should make contact with Chris McCarthy, cdmcc@cs.mu.oz.au.

An asterisk besides your name indicates that you are not enrolled in this subject. You should check your enrolment with Student Admin or with the appropriate Faculty Office.

Return of papers

Test papers will not be returned. However it will be possible for you to view your marked paper, and some times for doing this will be advised here in a few days.

Here are sample solutions for the morning and afternoon stream.

Alistair Moffat,
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering,
The University of Melbourne.