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Semester 1, 2002

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Last updated: July 15, 2002


I have many emails from students querying their exam results. Please read all of the following before querying your particular marks:

  1. There is no automatic right (anywhere in the University) to a second exam, or to remarking, or to special "help" of any kind. In particular, as of 2002 the Engineering Faculty no longer offers "supplementary exams" to students who narrowly failed. So if you have been told by an older student that you should have been offered a "supp", they are wrong.

  2. All applications for special consideration (based upon medical or or other similar personal reasons) have been considered, and if you have an "S" beside your result, you have been awarded a special examination. Student Admin will contact you with further details of the timing etc of this exam.

    If you made what you believe was a compelling application for special consideration, have failed the subject, and do not have an "S" beside your result, you should contact Louise Walker, louise@cs.mu.oz.au, to discuss your situation. There is some (very small, but definitely non-zero) possibility that your application for special consideration may not have been received, or processed correctly.

  3. Otherwise, if you have failed the subject, you will probably need to re-plan your second-semester enrolment. In order to do this, you should seek an appointment with either the Faculty Office, or with a course advisor for the Department in which you are majoring.

    If you are currently enrolled in 433-142 Computing Fundamentals B in second semester, the obvious substitution is to replace it by enrolment in 433-141 Computing Fundamentals A. Subject 433-142 can then be taken as a summer enrolment (on a fee-paying basis) or deferred until semester 1 in 2003.

    Students who have failed 433-141 may not enrol in 433-142 in second semester.

  4. The exam books will be available for viewing on Friday 19 July between 10am and 1pm in my office, room L2.15 of the SEECS Building at 221 Bouverie Street. I am unable to spare time for this any earlier this week, so please be patient until then. (And sorry, but if you arrive at my office prior to then without an appointment, or phone or email me to discuss your results, I will simply refer you to this web page.)

    If you decide to come in on Friday, please do not regard this as an opportunity to have a whinge about your mark. If obvious errors of arithmetic or oversight are discovered they will (naturally) be corrected. My experience is that the number of errors of this kind that have been made is very small indeed.

    In particular, I will not engage in detailed discussion with respect to the "worth" or otherwise of particular answers, or of the marking schedule in general, and you should regard the viewing as simply being an opportunity to look again at what you wrote, and to verify for yourself that everything that you wrote has been marked.

    The truth is, most students who failed who look at the paucity of what they wrote in the exam book end up agreeing that they are not yet ready for 433-142. Don't think about how many marks you should have got, think instead about whether you could actually sit down and write a non-trivial program...

  5. A further opportunity for exam viewing in the first week of semester will also be created, to allow for students who are not in Melbourne this week. Watch here for details.

Recent Notices

  • The Examination. Information about the examination, including some general advice, and details of a sample exam, is available here. The sample solution is available here. [Inserted 15 May, modified 31 May, modified June 4]

  • First Year Center. Will be open for consultation from 3pm to 5pm Wed/Thu/Fri 5/6/7 June, slightly earlier than first advised (sorry). (Note, Monday 10 June is a public holiday). Chris will be available for his regular consultation from 1-3pm on Tuesday afternoon; and Martin is available from 1-3pm Wednesday afternoon. [Inserted 31 May, modified June 4]

  • Laboratory Assessment. A list of lab attendance is linked here. Students who attended 8 or more of their lab classes have a mark of 8 recorded, and will get the full 10% of assessment allocated to this component of the subject. Students who attended 3 or fewer labs will be given 0% for this component of assessment. [Inserted 4 June]

  • Project Assessment. A list of marks for the project is linked here. Projects themselves can be collected from Student Services in the SEECS Building from 12:00 to 12:30 daily, starting next Monday. (Student Services will not be open at any other times.) [Inserted 4 June]

  • Mid-Semester Test. Marks and general information about the test is available here. If you wish to see your test paper, you need to visit Chris during his consultation hours, Tuesday, 2:15pm-4:15pm, or by making an appointment for another time by email (cdmcc@cs.mu.oz.au). Test papers will also be available for viewing during daily consultation times during swotvac. These times will be advised next week. [Inserted 9 May, modified 23 May]

  • The Project. A sample solution appears here. [Inserted 21 May]

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