433-253 Exam Information, Semester 2, 2001

Exam Content

Consult the weekly news for the material covered. Here's a list of topics which won't be part of the exam: external searching/sorting, red-black trees, 2-3-4 trees, optimal trees, radix searching, tries, Patricia trees, B-trees, extendible hashing, Boyer-Moore/Rabin-Karp algorithm, all material p394-416.

Exam Format

You will be supplied with a script book and an exam paper. The final exam counts for 70% of your final grade. There will be five questions, not all of equal weight. Most of the answers should be written in the boxex provided on the exam papers. We specifically indicate in case answers are to be written in the script book

If you are viewing past years' examinations in the library, note that 253 included material on Prolog in 1997 and 1998 and various exams have had questions related to projects which are not relevant to this exam.


Some questions require writing C-code. Your answers are expected to be `fairly' close to the C-syntax, however, no marks will be deducted for minor syntax errors.


There may be questions related to the projects on the exam. Some questions on previous exams may seem obscure because they were related to projects done in those semesters.

Exam Preparation

Study Hints

One recommended way to study would be to go through the following checklist for each algorithm we have studied:

Past Exam Papers

The Pdf file of the past exam papers 99exam, 2000exam are available.

The Pdf file of the past exam solutions can be found here 99exam, 2000exam

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