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Dr. Peter Schachte
Department of Computing and Information Systems
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010


EMail: schachte@unimelb.edu.au
Phone: +61 3 8344-1338
Fax: +61 3 9348-1184
PGP/GPG: key available

Room 8.15
Doug McDonell Building
Parkville Campus, University of Melbourne


I regularly teach the following subjects:


I am currently supervising the following research postgraduate students:

The following former students have completed their degrees:

I am a member of the Declarative Language Group at the University of Melbourne. I am currently investigating the efficient static analysis of logic programs, particularly Prolog programs, using abstract interpretation. Abstract interpretation is a provably sound semantics-based program analysis technique which works by interpreting the program to be analyzed using an abstraction of the data that will be used when the program is really run.

My publication list shows my past research. Also see Michael Ley's DBLP Bibliography Server for an index of my publications.

My current research projects, ranging from complete but not yet written up to highly speculative and not yet begun, include:

Abstract Interpretation

In the area of abstract interpretation, I am interested in:

Implementation of Boolean Functions

Boolean functions (propositional logic formulae), or subclasses of them, are a useful abstraction for representing information about dependencies among boolean-valued variables. They certainly are effective for groundness analysis. And since most of the time in program analysis is spent manipulating abstract values, being able to efficiently manipulate boolean functions is very important.

Logic Programming Semantics and Implementation

Declarative Software Engineering

A declarative approach to programming, and to software design, has much to contribute to software engineering. However, the software engineering community appears uninterested in declarative languages. Conversely, the declarative language community is largely uninterested in software engineering.


My other interests include programming language implementation, logic, functional, and object oriented programming (and combinations of these), programming environments, programming language design, and user interface design. My nontechnical interests include vegetarian cookery, recumbent biking, philosophy, politics, and economics.

Some of the freely-distributable software I have written is available for download.

I am available for consulting jobs. See my curriculum vitae for my work experience.

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