433-253 - C Recap

Matt Giuca

Hi! I'm Matt, one of the 253 demonstrators, and I've been asked to write a series of blog posts on the language C. Because this is an algorithms course, Steven doesn't want to spend time in lectures/tutes covering C/malloc/pointers/etc. Unfortunately though, you're all going to have to be C experts in order to do the labs and the projects. So in the labs we'll be focussing on getting your C skills back up to date quickly, and we also want you to read these blog posts for general advice.

Do remember, you are supposed to understand C fully already, as a requirement of this subject! However, we understand that many of you haven't used C for some time (perhaps years), which is why we're giving extra assistance. Please read these posts and make sure you are fully comfortable with everything here. If there's anything you don't understand, please ask on the facebook, email me, or ask your lab demonstrator. Also let me know if there's a topic you want me to cover.