AWCL'02: Australasian Workshop on Computational Logic

Canberra, Australia, 2-3 December 2002

Affiliated with 15th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Advance Program

Monday, 2 December

Shared program with AAL'02:

9:00-10:20. AAL Session

Structures with features and time
John N. Crossley (Monash University)
Normalized natural deduction systems for some quantified relevant logics
Ross T. Brady (La Trobe University)

10:20-10:40. Coffee/Tea Break

10:40-12:00. AAL Session

The AGM theory and inconsistent belief change
Koji Tanaka (Macquarie University)
Combinators, relevance and types-as-formulae
Robert K. Meyer (Australian National University)

12:00-13:30. Lunch Break

13:30-14:30. AAL Invited Talk

Finitary logical semantics
Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini (University of Torino)

14:30-15:00. Coffee/Tea Break

15:00-17:00. AWCL Session

An ambiguity propagating plausible logic
David Billington (Griffith University)

A defeasible logic of policy-based intention
Guido Governatori (University of Queensland), Vineet Padmanabhan, and Abdul Sattar (Griffith University),

A three-valued semantic representation of reasoning in mental model theory
Katarina Britz and Johannes Heidema (University of South Africa)

Tuesday, 3 December

10:30-12:30. AWCL Session

Timed probabalistic reasoning for component based architectures
Jane Jayaputera, Heinz Schmidt, Ralf Reussner, and Iman Poernomo (Monash University)

The Russian cards problem: A case study in cryptography with public announcements
H. P. van Ditmarsch (University of Otago)

Improving search in a hypothetical reasoning system
Richard Hagen, Abdul Sattar (Griffith University), and Scott Goodwin (University of Windsor)

14:00-15:00. AWCL Invited Talk

The interface between P and NP: COL, XOR, NAE, 1-in-k, and Horn-SAT
Toby Walsh (University College Cork)