Adrian Pearce

Department of Computing and Information Systems
The Melbourne School of Engineering,
The University of Melbourne,
Victoria, 3010, Australia

Office (from 7 May 2012): 6.20, Doug McDonell Building, The University of Melbourne
Tel: +613 8344 1399 Fax: +613 9348 1184
Email: [my first name followed by "rp"] [at]

Adrian Pearce   Adrian Pearce

Academic Appointment

Associate Professor, Department of Computing and Information Systems

Director & Leadership Roles

Program Manager (Surveillance & Automation), Defence Science Institute (DSI)
Associate Director of Education, NICTA Victoria Research Laboratory
Engagement Committee Chair
Industry Advisory Group (IAG) Committee Chair

Curriculum Vitae

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Intelligent Agent Laboratory

For more information, see the agentlab at

Research Interests

Automated planning and scheduling
Reasoning about action and change
Epistemic reasoning and complex epistemic modalities
Optimisation in multi-agent systems

New Research Fellow Position in 2013 - Planning

We are recruiting a new Postdoc in the area of automated planning and human-computer interaction, as part of our recently awarded ARC grant Foundations of human-agent collaboration: situation-relevant information sharing (Liz Sonenberg and Adrian Pearce, DP 2013-2015).

Please apply at the following link:

PhD Opportunities 2013

PhD applicants invited to apply in 2012 - The agentlab presently has a range of exciting research opportunities for graduates to do their thesis in the area of intelligent agents - funded by APA, APAI, Melbourne University scholarships and NICTA top-up scholarships, please contact me if your are interested in applying.

Summer Research Experience 2013/14

Summer Research Experience 2013/14 positions available - summer studentships will be available later in the year in the area of intelligent agents including

Read about the studentships from 2011/12 at (search for these titles in the list of projects at this web site). Note: These additional projects are funded separately from the School's recent round and are open to students in all degrees, including BCS, SE, etc. Read the Summer Research Experience Brochure from 2011/12. Please contact Adrian Pearce if you are interested.

Hot topics

Planning language MIndiGolog (based on Golog family of languages)
Collaborative logic programming language CollabLP (based on inductive and abductive logic programming ILP/ALP)
Distributed constraint optimization and satisfaction algorithm DistDecomp (instances of DCOP & DCSP algorithms)
Multiagent coordination & role allocation algorithm Role-graphs (based on graph matching algorithms)

Recent Selected publications

Adrian R. Pearce, Liz Sonenberg and Paddy Nixon Toward Resilient Human-Robot Interaction through Situation Projection for Effective Joint Action , Robot-Human Teamwork in Dynamic Adverse Environment: Papers from the 2011 AAAI Fall Symposium , (2011) 44-48 Download Preprint version of paper

Ryan Kelly and Adrian R. Pearce. Property Persistence in the Situation Calculus, Artificial Intelligence, 174 (2010) 865-888 Download Preprint version of paper

Giuseppe De Giacomo and Yves Lesperance and Adrian R. Pearce. Situation Calculus-Based Programs for Representing and Reasoning about Game Structures. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2010) 445-455 Download Paper

Michelle Blom and Adrian R. Pearce. Towards an Argumentative Interpreter for Golog Programs. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-09) pp 690-695, Pasadena, USA, (2009) Download Paper.

Ryan F. Kelly and Adrian R. Pearce. Complex Epistemic Modalities in the Situation Calculus. In Gerhard Brewka and Jerome Lang, editors, Eleventh International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR2008), 16-19 September, Sydney, Australia, pages 611-620 (2008) Download paper

Ryan F. Kelly and Adrian R. Pearce. Property persistence in the situation calculus. In Manuela M. Veloso, editor, Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-07), vol. 2, Hyderabad, India, pages 1948-1953 (2007) Download paper

Jian Huang and Adrian R. Pearce. Collaborative inductive logic programming for path planning. In Manuela M. Veloso, editor, Twentieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-07), vol. 1, Hyderabad, India, pages 1327-1332 (2007) Download paper

Jian Huang and Adrian R. Pearce. Distributed Interactive Learning in Multi-Agent Systems. In National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-06), Boston, pages 666-671 (2006) Download paper

Complete list of publications

Adrian Pearce's publications at the (Agentlab)
Adrian Pearce's publications at (DBLP)

Adrian Pearce's Agent Bibliography

Adrian Pearce's Agent Bibliography

Completed postgraduates

Michelle Blom Argumentation in multi-agent systems
Peter Hebden (PhD) Distributed asynchronous clustering for small-world properties & Bloom gradient routing for wireless sensor networks (part of NOSA sensor-network infrastructure)
Jian (Alan) Huang (PhD) Collaborative logic programming via deductive inductive resolution (& the CollabLP language). After participating in (startup) company, Alan now develops algorithmic trading systems with
Dr. Ryan Kelly (PhD) Asynchronous multi-agent reasoning in the situation calculus & the MIndiGolog programming language. Ryan is now a Software Developer with Mozilla.
Yen-Ting Kuo Capturing domain knowledge for knowledge discovery (jointly with Liz Sonenberg and Andrew Lonnie)
Dr. Michael Papasimeon Affordance-based reasoning in multi-agent simulation & the HAVE multi-agent simulation system.

Dr. Don Perugini (PhD) Agents for logistics: a provisional agreement approach (Co-supervised with Leon Sterling) - Don is now the Director of Intelligent Software Development
Dr. Susannah Soon (PhD) Multi-agent coordination: a graph-based approach to intention recognition - Susannah consults to Thales Group (ADI Limited).
Dr. Jian (Jenny) Ying Zhang (PhD) Causation and Fuzzy Causal Networks (Co-supervised with Zhi-Qing Liu) - Jenny is now a Postdoctoral Fellow.
Terence Law (MSc) Focused Decomposition: multi-agent distributed constraint optimisation with linear communication.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants

ARC Discovery (2013-2015) Foundations of human-agent collaboration: situation-relevant information sharing $350,000

ARC Linkage (2011-2013) Making the Pilbara Blend: agile mine scheduling through contingent planning $1.36 million (ARC: $600,000; Rio Tinto Iron Ore: $762,732)

ARC Discovery (2003-2007) Concept-based retrieval $671,330, includes two years additional funding as part of ARC Centre for Perceptive and Intelligent Machines in Complex Environments (PIMCE)

ARC-Linkage (2000-2002) Enabelling intelligent agent behaviour in command support (ARC: $78,183; Thales Australia $78,350 in-kind, formally ADI Limited)

Research Institute

Theme Leader - Intelligent Information Systems, Defence Science Institute (DSI) (2011-2013) ($3 million seed funding, Department of Business and Innovation, State Government of Victoria) and $2.5 million Defence Science and Technology Institute, DSTO)

Conference Chair roles

KR2014 Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair
AAMAS 2011 (Taipei) Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair

Program Committee membership

IJCAI-13 (Beijing)
IJCAI-11 (Barcelona)
IJCAI-09 (Pasadena)
KR2012 (Rome)
AAMAS 2013 (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
AAMAS 2012 (Valencia)
AAMAS 2010 (Toronto) AAAI-11 (San Francisco)
- Previous - AAMAS 2009 (Budapest) AAMAS 2008 (Estoril) AAMAS2007 (Honolulu) AAMAS2006 (Future University-Hakodate) AAMAS2005 (Urtecht) AAMAS2004 (New York City) AAMAS2003 (Melbourne)
PAKDD 2011 (Shenzhen) - Previous PAKDD 2008 (Osaka)
AI 2006 (Hobart) AI2005 (Sydney) AI2004 (Cairns) AI2003 (Perth)
ICML2002 (Sydney)

Organizing Committee membership

AAMAS2011 (Taipei)
AAMAS2003 (Melbourne)

Recent Reviewing

Journal of Logic Programming
Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
IEEE Communication Letters

Companies (start-ups) of students & colleagues

Autonomous Decision-Making Software
KESEM International
Intelligent Software Development
Acheron Design


DSTO Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Air Operations & Simulation Division, DSTO, Australia, 1998
PhD in Computer Science (APAI Postgraduate Award), Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia 1997
BSc(Hons - 1st class) in Computer Science, The University of Melbourne, Australia 1991

Recent Awards

Best Program Committee Member Award, Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), Portugal 2008.
Teaching Commendation, CSSE, The University of Melbourne, 2007


Member, IEEE Computer Society (since 1991)
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (since 1991)
Member, American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (since 1997)
Member, American Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (since 1996)
Senior Member, Australian Computer Society (since 1997)

Academic Teaching

COMP90054 Software Agents (2001-2013)
COMP30019 Graphics and Computation (2000-2013)
ENG1003 Engineering Systems Design 2 (2010-2013)
343 Professional Issues in Computation (2001-2010)
330 Theory of computation (2004)
255 Logic and Computation (2000-2001)
257 Frontiers of Computer Science (2002)


Adrian Pearce (Email: [my first name followed by "rp"] [at]
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