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The files in this directory are now defunct. For information about the second
edition of the "Managing Gigabytes" book, and updated MG software, see the
replacement MG web page at <>.

The remainder of this file contains (a minimally edited) version of the README
file that used to live in <>, the original home of
the MG software.  The current version of the software is mg-1.2.1, dated August
1999.  In copying the files off the original ftp site and into the web-based
archive at <>, the generic mg.tar.gz symlink
described below has not been preserved, and none of the .Z archives have been
retained.  Nor are the two bibliography files up to date; more recent
information can be found at <> and
<>.  The most recent version of the
errata file for the first edition should be accessed from

All of the within-the-package filenames mentioned in the message below are
correct for the mg-1.2.1 distribution.

		Alistair Moffat,,
		August 1999.


	MG Information Retrieval System

This system is described in the book ``Managing Gigabytes:  Compressing
and Indexing Documents and Images'', I.H. Witten, A. Moffat, and T.C.
Bell, second edition, Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, 1999, ISBN
1-55860-570-3 $US54.95.  (First edition: Van Nostrand Reinhold, New
York, 1994, ISBN 0-442-01863-0.) A tutorial guide to the MG system
appears an an appendix.

The files in this directory are:

	A tarred, compressed, collection of C and other source files.

		uncompress < mg.tar.Z | tar xf -

	to create a new directory ./mg-1.2 that contains the
	distribution.  This directory contains its own README file,
	you should read it next.

	The current version is mg-1.2, dated 26 February 1996.  (The
	previous versions: mg-1.1, dated July 1995; mg-1.0, dated
	March 1994.) This version is essentially the same as mg-1.1,
	but makes use of autoconf for greater portability.
	(NO LONGER TRUE, see the first paragraph of this file)

	The same, except gnuzip is used as the compression agent.

		gunzip < mg.tar.gz | tar xf -

	to unpack it.
	(NO LONGER TRUE, see the first paragraph of this file)

	The first version, as described in the book.

	The next version. Note that file format changes mean that
	databases created with mg-1.0 cannot be accessed using mg-1.1,
	they must be rebuilt from scratch.

	The current version, same as mg-tar.Z and mg.tar.gz
	(NO LONGER TRUE, see the first paragraph of this file)

	A text file of MG related BibTeX citations.
	Current version, 9 June 1995.
	(NO LONGER UP TO DATE, see the first paragraph of this file)
	The same, but as a formatted postscript file. 
	(NO LONGER UP TO DATE, see the first paragraph of this file)

	A text file listing known errors in the book.
	Current version 26 April 1995.
	(NO LONGER TRUE, see the first paragraph of this file)
	The same, but as a formatted postscript file. 
	(NO LONGER TRUE, see the first paragraph of this file)

	This file, last edited 26 February 1996.
	(And slightly edited to insert details of the second edition,
	and to put in all the NO LONGER TRUE messages, August 1999.)

See the file ./mg-1.2/INSTALL (after unpacking the archive)
for information about installation and system availability.

A Web site for MG has been created, see
One page ./mg-1.2/about_mg.html is included in the software

There is one important feature of MG not described in the MG book.
Since completing the book we have developed an X interface.  A brief
description appears in the ``Appendix'' section of MG.Book.Errata. More
detailed guidance can be obtained by unpacking and installing the
distribution and then typing ``man xmg''.

There is no warranty of any kind provided with this software.  You use
it at your own risk; see the conditions listed in the files
./mg-1.2/COPYING and ./mg-1.2/README after unpacking the tar archive.

If you discover unreported errors in the book, or have other queries,

	Alistair Moffat, 
	Department of Computer Science, 
	The University of Melbourne, 
	Parkville, Victoria 3052,
	Fax +61 3 93481184; 
	Phone +61 3 93449168; 

Many people have helped us develop this software, and a full list of
contributors appears in the file ./mg-1.2/README. We hope you enjoy
playing with this software, and find it useful.  

		Tim Bell
		Alistair Moffat
		Ian Witten
		Justin Zobel
		February 26, 1996