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Computer Science & Software Engineering Laboratory and General Guidelines

General Conduct

  • All facilities in the Information and Communication Technologies Building are shared. This includes all teaching spaces, which includes laboratories, tutorial and project rooms, and lecture theatres, as well as common areas such as the Student Services area and the toilets.
  • Please leave any of these facilities the way you would expect to find them; that is, clean and cleared of your litter.
  • Eating in teaching spaces is strictly prohibited.
  • Drinking in teaching spaces is limited to water bottles with screw or poptop lids kept under the tables or in your bags. Please do not keep them near the computer. Cans of any sort are not permitted.
  • When in teaching laboratories (UG.09, UG.10, UG.16, 1.09, or 1.10), please place your bags into the compartments in the bench behind you, or against the back wall if you sit in the back row. This will make it easier for tutors and other students to move around.
  • Lab classes have priority over drop-in use of labs. If you are not enrolled in the lab class, please leave the lab before commencement of classes.
Penalties will apply for breach of these conditions.

Use of equipment and network

  • Undergraduate use of all equipment in the university is governed by University of Melbourne Regulation 8.1.R7 Under Statute 8.1 - University Computing and Network Facilities.
  • Regulation 8.1.R7 permits limited personal use of the equipment and network. However the department pays for most data downloaded from the internet so large downloads of non-academic data is not allowed. Examples which are plainly not permitted: movies and movie trailers, video clips, audio files and software updates for private laptops.
    Also note that traffic to several mirror sites incurs no cost to the department and may be used freely. The cost of downloading from a particular site can be determined using the Information Division Internet Access Cost Tool.
  • All students obtaining accounts on Computer Science and Software Engineering machines are required to agree in writing to the conditions, outlined in the Computing and Network Resources Declaration.
  • Copyright notices are displayed in all student labs. The University takes a serious stand against copyright infringement; offenses are punishable under various university regulations.
The following is strictly not permitted in this department:
  • Excessive downloading of non-academic data
  • Providing access to the buidling or lab equipment to any unauthorised person
  • Game playing in labs
  • Local installation of any software not directly related to course requirements unless prior approval has been received from technical/teaching staff.
Penalties will apply for breach of these conditions.

Offensive Behaviour

Offensive behaviour is deemed to be any behaviour that is irritating, annoying, of bad taste or insulting. Offensive behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Diplaying offensive material on your screen, as a backdrop or in the foreground
  • Loud and overbearing behaviour, e.g. shouting or noisy discussions
  • Lewd behaviour
  • Swearing
  • Religious or racial slurs

Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. If your behaviour is deemed by another to be offensive, please cease the conduct when asked to. In instances where offensive behaviour is reported to technical, teaching staff or evening supervisor. Penalties will be imposed on anyone whose behaviour is deemed to be offensive.

Penalties for breach of guidelines

  • Any breach of guidelines will result in the suspension of the offender's account for no less than 10 days, or suspension of access to the department proxy until the start of the next semester for excessive non-academic internet downloads. Subsequent breaches of the guidelines may lead to cancellation of the offender's account. A list of warned as well as previously suspended individuals will be maintained.
  • Suspension can be invoked by:
    • Teaching staff
    • Technical staff
    • Evening Supervisors
    • Help Desk Staff
    • 440 SAGs

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