BSc (Hons) degree

The principal difference between the BCS (Hons) degree described above and the BSc (Hons) degree is one of convention: students who have completed a BSc as their undergraduate degree would normally enrol for the BSc (Hons) degree. The two programs have the same entry requirements, and differ only slightly in their course structures: BCS (Hons) students have access to a slightly wider range of 400-level and masters-level subjects.

For details of the BSc (Hons) program, see the description above, or the University Undergraduate Handbook.

Combined Maths/Computer Science Honours

Mathematically oriented students should note that, with sufficiently high marks in both Mathematics and Computer Science at the 100, 200, and 300 levels, it is possible to take a combined honours course in Mathematics and Computer Science. Students considering such a course should refer to the Honours Coordinators in the two departments.

Combined Honours

It is possible to undertake joint BSc (Hons) with other departments. Consult the Honours Coordinator for details.

CSSE Booklet - 2006-11-13