Non-technical subjects

The CSSE Course Advice website lists a number of non-technical subjects that have been popular with BCS and BE students in the past. Students are also encouraged to browse the University Undergraduate Handbook. Subjects with assessment based upon essays or oral presentations are particularly useful in broadening the communication skills of computing graduates.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet the stated prerequisites for any non-technical subjects, and for obtaining the approval of the offering department. In some cases there may be quotas. Moreover, while every effort is made to avoid these timetable clashes, there is no guarantee that these subjects do not have timetable clashes with the core subjects required for the Engineering or Science programs. It is important that students check the timetable before finalising their enrolment. Students should check the timetable when it becomes available, and should not continue with subject combinations that have lecture clashes.

Note that 316-130 Quantitative Methods 1, 615-110 Foundations of Information Systems, 615-140 Technologies for Information Systems and similar subjects, will not count as non-technical subjects for the BCS.

CSSE Booklet - 2006-11-13