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35th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

P97-1000: Front matter

P97-1001: Thilo Gotz; Detmar Meurers
Interleaving Universal Principles and Relational Constraints over Typed Feature Logic

P97-1002: Lillian Lee
Fast Context-Free Parsing Requires Fast Boolean Matrix Multiplication

P97-1003: Michael Collins
Three Generative, Lexicalised Models for Statistical Parsing

P97-1004: Christian Jacquemin; Judith L. Klavans; Evelyne Tzoukermann
Expansion of Multi- Word Terms for Indexing and Retrieval Using Morphology and Syntax

P97-1005: Brett Kessler; Geoffrey Nunberg; Hinrich Schutze
Automatic Detection of Text Genre

P97-1006: Hang Li; Kenji Yamanishi
Document Classification Using a Finite Mixture Model

P97-1007: German Rigau; Jordi Atserias; Eneko Agirre
Combining Unsupervised Lexical Knowledge Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation

P97-1008: Ido Dagan; Lillian Lee; Fernando Pereira
Similarity-Based Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation

P97-1009: Dekang Lin
Using Syntactic Dependency as Local Context to Resolve Word Sense Ambiguity

P97-1010: Robert Krovetz
Homonymy and Polysemy in Information Retrieval

P97-1011: Barbara Di Eugenio; Johanna D. Moore; Massimo Paolucci
Learning Features that Predict Cue Usage

P97-1012: Dan Cristea; Bonnie Webber
Expectations in Incremental Discourse Processing

P97-1013: Daniel Marcu
The Rhetorical Parsing of Unrestricted Natural Language Texts

P97-1014: Udo Hahn; Michael Strube
Centered Segmentation: Scaling up the Centering Model to Global Discourse Structure

P97-1015: Martin Volk
Probing the Lexicon in Evaluating Commercial MT Systems

P97-1016: Young-Suk Lee; Clifford Weinstein; Stephanie Seneff; Dinesh Tummala
Ambiguity Resolution for Machine Translation of Telegraphic Messages

P97-1017: Kevin Knight; Jonathan Graehl
Machine Transliteration

P97-1018: Ann Copestake; Alex Lascarides
Intergrating Symbolic and Statistical Representations: The Lexicon Pragmatics Interface

P97-1019: John Fry
Negative Polarity Licensing at the Syntax-Semantics Interface

P97-1020: Bonnie J. Dorr; Mari Broman Olsen
Deriving Verbal and Compositonal Lexical Aspect for NLP Applications

P97-1021: Remko Bonnema; Rens Bod; Remko Scha
A DOP Model for Semantic Interpretation

P97-1022: Stephen Della Pietra; Mark Epstein; Salim Roukos; Todd Ward
Fertility Models for Statistical Natural Language Understanding

P97-1023: Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou; Kathleen R. McKeown
Predicting the Semantic Orientation of Adjectives

P97-1024: Alexander Franz
Independence Assumptions Considered Harmful

P97-1025: Xiaorong Huang
Planning Reference Choices for Argumentative Teas

P97-1026: Matthew Stone; Christine Doran
Sentence Planning as Description Using Tree Adjoining Grammar

P97-1027: Helmut Horacek
An Algorithm for Generating Referential Descriptions with Flexible Interfaces

P97-1028: Gunter Neumann
Applying Explanation-based Learning to Control and Speeding-up Natural Language Generation

P97-1029: Kemal Oflazer ; Gokhan Tur
Morphological Disambiguation by Voting Constraints

P97-1030: Masahiko Haruno; Yuji Matsumoto
Mistake-Driven Mixture of Hierarchical Tag Context Trees

P97-1031: Lluis Marquez; Lluis Padro
A Flexible POS Tagger Using an Automatically Acquired Language Model

P97-1032: Christer Samuelsson; Atro Voutilainen
Comparing a Linguistic and a Stochastic Tagger

P97-1033: Peter A. Heeman; James F. Allen
Intonational Boundaries, Speech Repairs, and Discourse Markers: Modeling Spoken Dialog

P97-1034: Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Michael K. Brown
Tracking Initiative in Collaborative Dialogue Interactions

P97-1035: Marilyn A. Walker; Diane J. Litman; Candace A. Kamm; Alicia Abella
PARADISE: A Framework for Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Agents

P97-1036: Michael Johnston; Philip R. Cohen; David McGee; Sharon L. Oviatt; James A. Pittman; Ira Smith
Unification-based Multimodal Integration

P97-1037: Christoph Tillmann; Stephan Vogel; Hermann Ney; Alex Zubiaga
A DP-based Search Using Monotone Alignments in Statistical Translation

P97-1038: Jason S. Chang; Mathis H. Chen
An Alignment Method for Noisy Parallel Corpora based on Image Processing Techniques

P97-1039: I. Dan Melamed
A Portable Algorithm for Mapping Bitext Correspondence

P97-1040: Jason Eisner
Efficient Generation in Primitive Optimality Theory

P97-1041: David D. Palmer
A Trainable Rule-Based Algorithm for Word Segmentation

P97-1042: George Anton Kiraz
Compiling Regular Formalisms with Rule Features into Finite-State Automata

P97-1043: Peter Neuhaus; Norbert Broker
The Complexity of Recognition of Linguistically Adequate Dependency Grammars

P97-1044: Mark Hepple
Maximal Incrementality in Linear Categorial Deduction

P97-1045: Akira Oishi; Yuji Matsumoto
Automatic Extraction of Aspectual Information from a Monolingual Corpus

P97-1046: Hiyan Alshawi; Adam L. Buchsbaum; Fei Xia
A Comparison of Head Transducers and Transfer for a Limited Domain Translation Application

P97-1047: Ye-Yi Wang; Alex Waibel
Decoding Algorithm in Statistical Machine Translation

P97-1048: Doug Beeferman; Adam Berger; John Lafferty
A Model of Lexical Attraction and Repulsion

P97-1049: Eric Sven Ristad; Robert G. Thomas
Hierarchical Non-Emitting Markov Models

P97-1050: Jochen Dorre
Efficient Construction of Underspeci fled Semantics under Massive Ambiguity

P97-1051: Jerry R. Hobbs; Andrew Kehler
A Theory of Parallelism and the Case of VP Ellipsis

P97-1052: Josef van Genabith; Richard Crouch
On Interpreting F-Structures as UDRSs

P97-1053: Joachim Niehren; Manfred Pinkal; Peter Ruhrberg
A Uniform Approach to Underspecification and Parallelism

P97-1054: Ted Briscoe
Co-Evolution of Language and of the Language Acquisition Device

P97-1055: RanCois Yvon
Paradigmatic Cascades: A Linguistically Sound Model of Pronunciation by Analogy

P97-1056: Jakub Zavrel; Walter Daelemans
Memory-Based Learning: Using Similarity for Smoothing

P97-1057: Giorgio Satta; John C. Henderson
String Transformation Learning

P97-1058: Edmund Grimley Evans
Approximating Context-Free Grammars with a Finite-State Calculus

P97-1059: Andre Kempe
Finite State Transducers Approximating Hidden Markov Models

P97-1060: Frank Morawietz ; Tom Cornell
Representing Constraints with Automata

P97-1061: Sayori Shimohata; Toshiyuki Sugio; Junji Nagata
Retrieving Collocations by Co-Occurrences and Word Order Constraints

P97-1062: Ulf Hermjakob; Raymond J. Mooney
Learning Parse and Translation Decisions from Examples with Rich Context

P97-1063: I. Dan Melamed
A Word-to-Word Model of Translational Equivalence

P97-1064: Ciprian Chelba
A Structured Language Model

P97-1065: Katerina T. Frantzi
Incorporating Context Information for the Extraction of Terms

P97-1066: Houssem Assadi
Knowledge Acquisition from Texts: Using an Automatic Clustering Method Based on Noun-Modifier Relationship

P97-1067: Philip Edmonds
Choosing the Word Most Typical in Context Using a Lexical Co-occurrence Network

P97-1068: Maite Taboada
Improving Translation through Contextual Information

P97-1069: Nobo Komagata
Generative Power of CCGs with Generalized Type-Raised Categories

P97-1070: Mark Dras
Representing Paraphrases Using Synchronous TAGS

P97-1071: Mariet Theune
Contrastive accent in a data-to-speech system

P97-1072: Renata Vieira; Simone Teufel
Towards resolution of bridging descriptions

P97-1073: Maria Wolters
Compositional Semantics of German Prefix Verbs

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