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Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 1, March 1991

J91-1000: Front matter

J91-1001: John S. Justeson; Slava M. Katz
Co-occurrences of Antonymous Adjectives and Their Contexts

J91-1002: Jane Morris; Graeme Hirst
Lexical Cohesion Computed by Thesaural Relations as an Indicator of the Structure of Text

J91-1003: Dan Fass
met*: A Method for Discriminating Metonymy and Metaphor by Computer

J91-1004: Peter Norvig
Technical Correspondence Techniques for Automatic Memoization with Applications to Context-Free Parsing

J91-1005: Kenneth Ward Church
Book Reviews: Theory and Practice in Corpus Linguistics

J91-1006: Norman Fraser
Book Reviews: Functional Grammar and the Computer

J91-1007: Dan Fass
A Computational Model of Metaphor Interpretation

J91-1008: Carol Van Ess-Dykema
Practical SGML

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 2, June 1991

J91-2000: Front matter

J91-2001: Mark Johnson
Features and Formulae

J91-2002: Paola Velardi; Michela Fasolo; Maria Teresa Pazienzat
How to Encode Semantic Knowledge: A Method for Meaning Representation and Computer-Aided Acquisition

J91-2003: Wlodek Zadrozny; Karen Jensen
Semantics of Paragraphs

J91-2004: Graeme Hirst
Review Article: Does Conversation Analysis Have a Role in Computational Linguistics

J91-2005: Richard Sproat
Book Reviews: PC-KIMMO: A Two-Level Processor for Morphological Analysis

J91-2006: Alice ter Meulen
Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Language Querying

J91-2007: Allan Ramsay
Intentions in Communication

J91-2008: Geoffrey K. Pullum
Antilinguistics: A Critical Assessment of Modern Linguistic Theory and Practice

J91-2009: Brian M. Slator
Semantic Processing for Finite Domains

J91-2010: Miroslaw Banko
Analogical Modeling of Language

Briefly Noted

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 3, September 1991

J91-3000: Front matter

J91-3001: Tony Vitale
An Algorithm for High Accuracy Name Pronunciation by Parametric Speech Synthesizer

J91-3002: Daniel Radzinski
Chinese Number-Names, Tree Adjoining Languages, and Mild Context-Sensitivity

J91-3003: Bob Carpenter
The Generative Power of Categorial Grammars and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammars with Lexical Rules

J91-3004: Frederick Jelinek; John D. Lafferty
Computation of the Probability of Initial Substring Generation by Stochastic Context-Free Grammars

J91-3005: Peter F. Brown; Stephen A. Della Pietra; Fredrick Jelinek; Robert L. Mercer; John Cocke; Vincent J. Della Pietra; John D. Lafferty; Paul S. Roossin
Erratum to: A Statistical Approach to Machine Translation

J91-3006: Randall J. Calistri-Yeh
Book Reviews: Plan Recognition in Natural Language

J91-3007: Ingrid Zukerman
Current Research in Natural Language Generation

J91-3008: Robert C. Berwick
A Computational Model of First Language Acquisition

J91-3009: Mary Dalrymple
As Time Goes By: Tense and Universal Grammar

J91-3010: Martin Volk
The Logical Structure of English: Computing Semantic Content

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ComputationaI Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 4, December 1991

J91-4000: Front matter

J91-4001: Lin-Shan Lee; Long-Ji Lin; K.-J. Chen; Lee-Feng Chien; James Huang
An Efficient Natural Language Processing System Specially Designed for the Chinese Language

J91-4002: Chris Brew
Systemic Classification and its Efficiency

J91-4003: James Pustejovsky
The Generative Lexicon

J91-4004: Laura Proctor
Book Reviews: Computer Processing of Natural Language

J91-4005: Robert Dale
Book Reviews: Natural Language Generation in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics

J91-4006: Robert J. Kuhns
Book Reviews: Current Issues in Parsing Technology

J91-4007: Ian Lancashire
Book Reviews: Linguistic Exploitation of Syntactic Databases: The Use of the Nijmegen Linguistic DataBase Program

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